Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow

401 E Dual Blvd NE, Ste 106

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personAL training!


On October 12th we expanded gym hours and we are now 24 x 7!  Call Ryan for a membership!

our mission

To inspire people to achieve their fitness goals.

Strength. Endurance. Toned. High-Performance. Fit.

intense strength

Whether it is football, running, biking, soccer, hockey, baseball, golf or another high energy activity, it is imperative that the athlete have strength, stamina and endurance. 

The Intense Strength Personal Training program at Pump Republic gives you a partner to help you reach your goals. 

lean    machine

Getting lean involves diet, exercise, focus and accountability.  None of these can work effectively alone.

The Lean Machine Personal Training program at Pump Republic takes all four of these factors into consideration.  

explosive mass

Building muscle mass requires an optimum muscle building workout routine with the appropriate intensity, proper diet, required rest, and motivation to drive for results.

The Explosive Mass Personal Training program at Pump Republic helps you achieve your goals.

The No Sweat Intro is a free, private conversation to understand your goals & help you find a path toward achieving them.

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Easy to find, just off Heritage and the highway.  If you are looking to drop in you can purchase a 1-day membership. Just contact Ryan at 763-200-1082. 

Note that the gym is open for members 24 hours per day. Ryan is available on and off during these hours, but give a call to make sure that he isn't on an appointment.

  Come see us soon!